The Voice in the Mirror & Marajá Marajó

(two stories connected by a wink)


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Only when one is not afraid of what might happen is one encouraged to put their fingers on the keyboard and, closing their eyes, simply let the fingers go to the keys with their corresponding letters, without having the slightest idea of what is being written.

So it was when I found Marajá Marajó (pronounced Marahá Marahó). He just introduced himself to me, and since that moment  I am no longer afraid of anything. When I say ‘anything’, it is not an exaggeration or simply a form of expression, but it’s the pure truth. Marajá appeared smiling on the collective imagination, at that moment focused on me. Of course there is the possibility that other fortunate people have also received this gift.

Marajá appeared to me one day after I had climbed the Marmarajá Hill, where the wind had brought me a brochure of a hotel in Mar de Ajó. From a sonic point of view, if such a thing can exist, it caught my attention. Every time I find these visible, audible, or other types of “jokes”, I have the clear certainty that something that I would have never imagined is about to happen. Marajá Marajó is not one of those princes of India and doesn´t live on the island of Marajó. He has no age, so his vibration is something like that of an eternal child.

I had no idea of his existence and of course I did not expect a “visit” from such an honorable being. Actually, I was not expecting any visitors. The night before, I had one of those lucid dreams I have been having more and more often lately. In those dreams I am aware, I realize that I am dreaming and at the same time, I’m living incredible situations that I could never live in the waking state.

When I get to bed, my ceremony begins. I surrender for a moment to the preparation of the imminent plunge into the void, knowing that I will return with valuable information. Although the truth be told, waking and sleeping are increasingly intermingled, making the sleeping simply as the continuation of the non sleeping. One gives way to the other, continuing a pattern that is being created night and day. So, the idea of coming back with valuable information from the time asleep, isn’t exactly accurate. Sometimes I wonder if I will even get back, and, if there´s even anywhere to return to.

As I said, the night before of the arrival of Marajá, I dreamed vividly, consciously, lucidly, being in a present state. In that dream I looked in a mirror, which I don´t often do in the waking state because the mirrors always reflect the past. By the time the image in front of us comes back to our retina, it is a considerable lapse and therefore the image we see is old. But this time, looking at me, my image disappeared, or rather did not appear. There was no trace of my face. Perhaps the image in the mirror was so old that I was not even born. If this scene had been filmed it would have been as if in very slow motion at a very high power. I just could not see myself reflected, but I was looking at myself in the mirror.

espejo recortado rectang copia 1

To my surprise there was a voice and it was none other than mine. My own voice, but how to say it …?  with another depth, another quality, another tone, another texture, other overtones, another color.

Anyway, another voice, yet mine. It spoke with a refinement difficult to describe. The words used by the Voice were exquisite, pure poetry, melodious. Pauses full of beautiful emptiness, exotic rhythmic syllables, delicate and harmonious breath, beautiful music to my ears.

It talked for a period of time impossible to describe. It was hours, weeks, months, years, centuries that passed and at the same time it was not more than just milliseconds. Lur, a dog belonging to herself who keeps us company, was herself reflected in the mirror, like the rest of the room. Just when the Voice began to speak, Lur began to move her leg to scratch herself. When the Voice concluded, Lur´s leg had not only not yet reached the place where it itched but it had almost not moved at all. 

I have no way to reproduce what the Voice said, but it was incorporated into my vital vessel, as I call my body since then. I cannot, because I did not record it in a way to hear it again or share it, but as I say, I embodied it. I do not feel at all that I had been induced, hypnotized, or mentally controlled in any way. It is obvious that, somehow, it had my consent to form part of me from that time on. It was my voice, how could I not trust it? It’s my own voice, i am made of it.

I assure you that I would love to tell it as it was, but besides not having recorded it, there are more reasons why I cannot do so. It is impossible to repeat what it said because the Voice spoke backwards, like when one hears a tape in reverse, or reads one of those languages that are written from right to left. But somehow, I was understanding and totally absorbing the content of the information. Do not forget that the Voice appeared in the mirror, on the other side, or at least another side. A side where everything is viewed from an opposite point of view, one might say. It is interesting to see that in a mirror one expects to see precisely. And it is more than unexpected to hear a voice in something that has been made for seeing one’s reflection. It was as if that mirror was more for listening than seeing, even though the only thing that was not reflected was me.

The mirror was the starting point, toward one side and to the other. On one side, a room with a desk, a bed with a guitar on top, a dresser, a Persian carpet, a portable lamp, a window and a dog about to scratch. On the other side, the image of all the above plus a voice talking backwards.


The Voice showed me that there is a life on that side of the starting point, which is in reverse, and I’m living there as much as here. But there I´m more being than living. It is as if I live from the present to the past, although it´s not exactly like that. It is another life, with similar but different characteristics. It is not literally the opposite. On this side we see only a tiny part of what exists and what is happening, and even that ridiculous bit of what we see cannot be real, of course, taking into account the limited and atrophied skills that we have here. Therefore, it is practically impossible to have any idea of what the other side is like by trying to understand it from “here”.

The mirror, the zero point, is a subject in itself. One can also be there. It’s like neutral in the car transmission: it is not exactly dead, because any time it can take action. It is in a latent state.

Now, back to Marajá, he came to me in writing when, eyes closed, I put my fingers without thinking beforehand about what to write. I should be able to share his words as it was written, but in the message it was clear that it would not be possible to read it to someone. If I want to show you what he said, it will disappear. Moreover, I have not even returned to see what he dictated because he made me understand that I shouldn´t re-read it. Who knows if it is even still there, and if it is, if it’s the same as I remember it, or if it has been transformed while I have not been trying to read it. If later I would go to see it, there is the possibility that what is written is something completely different. But I will not do so because I have no reason to.

So now it is my turn to express his story in a way that I don´t know. I guess I’ll find out as it happens.

Where Marajá comes from, which is where many of us supposedly come from, but few remember, there is no “no”. There is no word No, so his communication was totally without using NO from start to the end. But not only there is no No, but there is nothing to contain a denial. For example there is no nothing, absolutely none, nor Nor. And of course neither is there Neither. As it is clear that Never is never used.

Why? Because of what I said: the denial does not exist. Not that denial is denied, because of course there is no denying. There is no such possibility because it is out of existence, it can not survive in the essence of that dimension.


Where Marajá is, everything is possible, so how would it be possible that something was not? So there, Impossible is impossible. By using only the possible, and by that I mean everything else besides this concept of denial, his life, like that of all those who live where he is, is completely different than ours. Nobody has trouble with any situation because there is no person in the way we know it, and as well there are no situations. There are no problems. A dimension without problems, with no worries, nothing negative. A place without equal, where the word “without” was never heard. It is a place without Without. There, it is only what is left when there is no denial, which then leads me to clearly feel that here, on this side of the mirror, there is something very strange. Something that should not be happening, and that requires a correction. Something like a mistake, a failure of creation, or a virus.

Worse is another nonexistent word. There is nothing worse than anything else, and as you can see this one sentence is full of denial, as well as almost everything I’ve said so far. You cannot be against something or someone, not because it is forbidden but because it is simply not possible.

At the same time, with the absence of these words, the assertions that are contrary to these negations don´t have any meaning. In this way, the vocabulary becomes increasingly smaller, narrow, not to use the word “limited”, which is another word that is not. The opposite of worse, which is better, also has no place in this place.

However, even with all these words outside of the language, Marajá spoke a lot. He said so much that, as I said earlier, I had the feeling that he delivered millennia of information. Of course, the information is not measured in time, even though transmitting it on this side of the mirror takes a certain period, or rather a movement of the hands of a clock set by an arbitrary system imposed on this dimension. But there, it is simply not measured. There is no measure of time, or height, or distance, or whatever else is apparently measurable here. Thus the language continues to reduce, and, by the way, there is no such a thing as reducing the language or anything else. Why should reduction exist when there is no need to reduce, and when there is nothing that is reducible?

So, after explaining all this, I should find the way to write without using any words related to denial. Would that be possible?

I realized that there, where Marajá is, is where my unconscious lives, and that there, there is a different speed than that of the mind. It sees everything at once, needs no explanation to know, and no time to learn. It understands what is, by being it. And because that velocity, so fast, in which it lives without speed, allows it to be so, it doesn´t register the No or other negative words. Simply because it is not natural, ‘No’ is an artificial word put in language somehow to leave us immersed in a duality of concepts, ideas and thoughts. Since this visit of the Marajá, I have the certainty of something that I already had suspected for a long time: the speed of light is not the fastest, and yet, it is what has us stuck in this limited illusion, which, of course we can leave.


What is the need of opposites? Now it´s also clear to me that there are none. It is perfect to go without duality, as duality is not obligatory, and there is no need to cross the mirror to be where duality doesn´t exist, since we’re already there. If we accept that, and don’t put obstacles, then we can live there consciously. Moreover, there is where we create, and then we live here what is created there. But because of this virus that has gripped our mind, this process is no longer complete  and we cannot live completely what has been created. We can only sniff a little, but because of this foreign belief limitation that has made us our own parasite,  it does´t even smell good and we tend to turn away just because of of the bad smell. Sorry, but the mind smells terrible, and there is no choice but to deal with the virulence at once, so that its original aroma can be present again and we no longer create a reality that stinks.

Another thing that became clear to me ever since the encounter with Marajá, is that here we use our ability to learn, to learn what is not. There´s no need to learn what it is, it just is.


The unconscious, which is like the biggest and most invisible part of the iceberg, receives our thoughts as follows: when we say No more war, it understands “more war”. Ay ay ay! We can write a lot of sentences that are repeated in our daily life, as well as in popular demonstrations, as a result of the discrepancy and the rejection of situations that we do not want to live or to which we are submitted by those in power. No to violence, no to GMOs, no tax increases, no more poverty, etc, etc, etc …. And so the collective unconscious is creating exactly the opposite, because denial is not part of the essence of its being.

In this way it is as if we ourselves have been subjected to a few who know our creation mechanism. They take advantage of our ignorance of who we really are, and also of our innocence somehow. They know we have the power to create with imagination, and if many are imagining the same, then it will be. And what an incredible and inexhaustible imagination we have!

But how can the virus be removed? Simple, as with any virus because it does not survive if we don´t feed it.

So since Marajá contacted and connected with me, it just reinforced what I was already feeling forever. And it is not that I feel that I´m a seer or anybody special. It is simply that when I dream lucidly, the unconscious has been increasingly getting more audible and clear and has been taking over the waking state. Less and less denial in order to live more and more in the forgotten affirmation. And it doesn´t mean to cover one’s eyes from seeing what is happening in the world and around us, by simply repeating mantrically beautiful and positive words and denying the existence of the negative. Seeing, but also knowing that what I see is created by me and by everyone in the collective imagination, I am deciding to change my way of participation, and to stop making the game easy for those who are taking advantage of the fact that I am an imaginer, a creator. They can search for their lives somewhere else, they can no longer count on me. It is like letting go of the pacifier. The god in diapers that I´ve been decides to no longer be a single minute in contact with the poop. Now he lets it go, diapers and poop, as is normal.


Everything transmitted by Marajá is reduced to this simple phrase, or rather to this new word: SOYDYOS. He could have written the two words Soy Dios, that in English means I am God, but he did not. Thus it is a palindrome. You see, we are in the mirror again, being able to read it from right to left as well as the other way around, so one can review. If the letter D is the center of the palindrome, then, on both sides of what remains it is Soy, which means I AM. I simply am. I am what I am. I am, always.

What else do I need to know? I am, without beginning or end, and thus, fear is no longer. The veil is exposed, and I am revealed. What purpose would Fear  have if there´s nothing to fear? It’s just a poor virus that disappears when not being fed. I just stop imagining it, and projecting it, and that is the end of this bad movie in which I have participated without realizing. What a horrible horror film!


In the side of the mirror in which there is the illusion of denial and opposition, where I am, supposedly, (though increasingly less) also there is always something in between the opposites, though not always visible, audible or available to other senses, because there are so many possible nuances.

Between the cold and heat will always be a warm, warmish, less warm, less than less warmish, and equal to the other side: chilly, cool, cooler, and so on … between the Sun and Earth is usually the Moon, between up and down mediates a middle, between the past and the future the present is present, just to name a few obvious examples. The same is true in music: between a tone and a tone there are halftones, between two halftones quarter tones …. where does it end?

And among the “betweens”, more and more “betweens”, that are voids. A between is full of void. And from any of those voids which are connected with each other and thus contain the Great Void, we can enter and exit from wherever we are as often as we wish. We do it every day, without realising it. It is as if the “between” is inviting us to “come in, please.” It is open at all times, 24 hours a day, all year. A free and available service without any conditions or time limit for use and no time zone. Through those “betweens” is how we send information back and forth, and how we “get” ideas that we had not imagined. We receive true solutions, and not half ones, like what we get when we want to solve things in the style of this side.


The I Am that I Am is sending me information all the time. But here, where I have to affirm and sign the affirmation, at the same time I am also doing it with denial because everything has its opposite. Here almost everyone goes a little deaf by not hearing the”between”, but by listening to all the rest. And the rest is pure noise, pure blabla trying to understand the incomprehensible, instead of simply being it.

These two direct interventions of creation on my vital vessel (the Voice in the Mirror and visit of Marajá Marajó) are not separated, as you will notice. It is as if I had winked in the middle of both, between them, as a reminder to pay attention to stopping paying attention to what is not. To whom or to what am I paying attention? And if I pay, what do I get for it?  Mmmm, I am suspicious. The suspicion is so much that it is no longer suspicion.

Attention to the attention, I hear myself saying to me. Watch out! If I pay attention to something it comes alive! To pay what it charges I have to work like a slave. However, if I surrender to the “between” between things or situations that usually I pay attention to, then …

Then Aha, Ahaha, Ahahaha, Ahahahaahhahahahahaa…… ..!

Thanks to Marajá Marajó and to the Voice in the Mirror, my once imprisoned freedom can now express itself entirely freely. Fear? Saying good bye to these words, I say goodbye freely.



© 2016 Lucy Da (Mariana Ingold)

All rights reserved


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